Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nevada County, California Bridges: Truckee River Bridge (1)

December 2012 (39.3331 Degrees, -120.1626 Degrees) Truckee River Bridge
The Truckee River Bridge is a pretty viaduct that was built in 2003. It looks like one continuous structure, but since it has seven spans and it's 1525.7 ft long, it probably has an in-span hinge.

Caltrans architects must have helped design the interesting transition between the single column bents and the box girder superstructure. The bridge carries State Route 267 over Glenshire Drive, the Union Pacific Railroad, and the Truckee River.

Part of what makes this bridge so great is the spectacular scenery. At an elevation of over 5000 ft the bridge is dwarfed by the mountains and pine forests that surround it. We'll take a closer look tomorrow.
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