Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nevada County, California Bridges: South Yuba River Bridges (4)

December 2012 (39.2977 Degrees, -121.0890 Degrees) South Yuba River Bridges
The new South Yuba River Bridge is a modern variant of the concrete arch. Probably it was meant to contrast with the old South Yuba River Bridge sitting beside it. It was designed by Ade Akinsanya and Paul Snyder from Caltrans Design Branch 6 with some help from Bridge Aesthetics. They were fortunate that this is an area of low seismicity since the small diameter horizontal curve and unbalanced columns wouldn't do too well for a large lateral force.

You can see that the slab superstructure in Section B-B and the precast girder superstructure in Section C-C have a deep exterior girder to match the depth of the box girder in Section A-A of the main span. Caltrans bridge engineers get tired of designing the same thing all the time so management usually lets them try something new when the situation allows.
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