Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nevada County, California Bridges: South Yuba River Bridges (2)

December 2012 (39.2977 Degrees, -121.0890 Degrees) South Yuba River Bridges
The South Yuba River Pedestrian Bridge is located where rocks and sediment have accumulated along the south river bank. There are so many boulders in this part of the river that I'm surprised the kayakers can navigate through it.

This was an early success story for the preservation of an historic bridge. Since the bridge was already in a state park and the new highway bridge was being built downstream, it was easy to preserve the old bridge for pedestrian use.

There are four methods used for bridge preservation:
  1. Repair the bridge for continued use.
  2. Bypass and preserve the bridge.
  3. Move the bridge to a site with lighter or non-vehicular traffic.
  4. Rehabilitate the bridge while maintaining it's historic character.
The Pine Street (Gault) Bridge that we previously studied was not preserved. Perhaps Nevada City felt they had already preserved enough historic parts of the city and so they just build a replica of the old bridge. I believe the only part of the bridge that was preserved was the steel railing.
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