Monday, April 20, 2015

Shasta County, California Bridges: Antlers Railroad Underpass

April 2015 (40.8859 Degrees, -122.3839 Degrees) Antlers Railroad Underpass
The furthest north we got on this trip to Shasta County was to the Boulder Creek Bridge. It's over three hours each way, and so we only had a few hours to find and photograph a handful of bridges. Note how I-5 cuts across a big bend in the river in the Google earth photo below. This makes for some dramatic bridge photos as will be shown in the next few blogs.
Shasta County has some interesting bridges; the longest stress ribbon bridge in the U.S., a Calatrava bridge, and many tall railroad bridges around Lake Shasta. The tall piers and the rugged, mountainous setting enhances the attractiveness of these bridges. However, after photographing several railroad bridges without seeing any trains, I was beginning to wonder if these bridges were still in use. Therefore I was pleased to see a long freight train crossing over I-5 while we were driving past the Antlers Bridges (see photo above) on our way home.
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