Friday, December 4, 2009

Mexico's Bridges: Puente Atenquique I (4)

Another view of Puente Atenquique with the inactive Nevado de Colima in the background. More information on this volcano and the highly active Vulcon de Fuego de Colima is available on Wikipedia.

Bridge engineers now have a variety of construction tools for building long, tall structures.

Bridges can have both segmentally constructed substructures and superstructures. They can use prefabricated girders or the girders can be cast-in-place using advancing forms. Suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges, and long prestressed girder bridges can all be built segmentally. Truss bridges can also be built segmentally, although fewer are being built today. Incrementally launched bridges can also use precast or cast-in-place segments.

I wonder if it's possible to build an incrementally launched arch bridge?
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