Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Alameda County, California Bridges: East Bay Skyway across San Francisco Bay (1)

September 2013 ( 37.8168 Degrees, -122.3562 Degrees) East Bay Bridge
I wanted to post a photo of the newly opened East Bay Skyway (34 0007L/R), which is part of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge. Unfortunately, going 60 mph in the early morning light didn't provide the ideal conditions for photography.

The photo is of the self-anchored suspension spans at the west end of the East Bay Section of the Bay Bridge next to Yerba Buena Island. The tower is made up of four steel legs, tied together with shear links, which are designed to yield and protect the tower during earthquakes. We are on our way to Japan for a week and I'm hoping to send some blogs about bridges across the Edogawa.
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