Monday, January 23, 2012

Sichuan China's Bridges: Jiangxi Street Bridges in Chengdu (1)

July 2008 (30.649 Degrees, 104.058 Degrees) Jiangxi Street Bridges
As I continued my walk along the Jin River I saw some fisherman standing above a weir and a tall haunched girder viaduct and a single span deck-stiffened arch bridge just behind them. Also on the left there was a building shaped like a boat.
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  1. The arch bridge in the rear doesn't look like a deck-stiffened design. By definition, in such a bridge the deck is much stiffer than the arch, whereas in this case they look to have a similar depth. Also, for the deck to stiffen the arch, it must be able to prevent the arch from deflecting, and although that can happen on the middle third of the bridge span, it is not even connected to the arch in the outer thirds.

  2. Thanks HP! I guess I should just call it a 'deck arch.'