Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hawaii's Bridges: Wailoa River Arch Bridges

April 2001 (19.708 Degrees, -155.074 Degrees) Wailoa River Arch Bridges
Walking along the pond (away from Hilo Bay) I came upon two more arched-deck pedestrian bridges. This park must have been part of an effort to turn Hilo into a tourist destination, but the area is always cloudy or rainy and so the tourists never came.

However, Hilo is a tsunami magnet. Similar to Crescent City in California, earthquakes in the Pacific create waves that are amplified on reaching the Big Island's eastern shore. A railway with tracks and bridges used to hug the eastern coast but it was sold as scrap metal after being destroyed by a tsunami in 1946 that originated in the Aleutian Islands. 
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