Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hawaii's Bridges: Akaka Falls State Park Bridges (1)

June 2001 (19.854 Degrees, -155.153 Degrees)Akaka Falls State Park Bridges
All along the coast of the Big Island are tall bridges that carry roads over deep canyons cut into the rock by rivers rushing to the sea. Many of these bridges are on tall steel towers, however I didn't take any photos of them, perhaps because it was too difficult to find a place to stand along the steep cliffs and heavy foliage.

North from Hilo is Akaka Falls and the dense rainforest that's just a few hundred yards from the coast. It's hard to see the substructure of any bridge through the trees or without tumbling down the side of the canyons. Although it's not a bridge, I thought I'd also provide a photo of the falls.

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