Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Alameda County, California Bridges: Oakland Avenue OC across Linda Avenue

June 2014 (37.82218 Degrees, -122.24540 Degrees) Oakland Avenue OC
Continuing into the town of Piedmont (an enclave of Oakland) we came to another lovely bridge by John B Leonard. Readers may remember his Alum Rock Park Bridge that we visited in Santa Clara County and his 'No-Hands' Bridge that we visited in Placer County. A good list of his bridges can be found on the Bridgehunter website
The Oakland Avenue Bridge (33C0083) is a 343 ft long bridge with a 160 ft arch span and retaining wall supported approaches. It was built in 1911 but it's apparently not considered a historic structure by the county. The bridge has architectural motifs such as steep walls and overhangs (resembling machicolations) which were once used to prevent entry into medieval fortresses.
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