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Napa County, California Bridges: Maxwell Creek Bridges

December 2013 (38.6016 Degrees, -122.3681 Degrees) Maxwell Creek Bridges
Two bridges were built where Maxwell Creek crosses near the intersection of Hardin and Dollarhide Roads (see Google earth photo). The Hardin Road Bridge (21C0058) is the bigger structure. It's a tall stone arch bridge built in 1909. Like the other historic bridges in Napa County, it was registered in 2005.
The registration states, "The Maxwell Creek Bridge is a single 22.5 foot long, earth filled closed spandrel masonry arch. This 2 lane bridge has a length of 38 feet and a width of 19.7 feet. The masonry structure is comprised of square cut stone laid in regular courses. Both railings are comprised of square cut stone. A rural setting of trees and fields surrounds the bridge. The availability of high quality building stone from nearby sources and the presence of skilled stonemasons can be seen in the many stone buildings and bridges that still exist throughout the county. This bridge is located on Hardin Road 1.6 miles southeast of Pope Canyon Road. Napa County Surveyor, O.K. Buckman, designed the Maxwell Creek Bridge in 1909. Buckman served as a Napa County Surveyor from 1895 until about the time of World War I. The abundance of masonry arch bridges in Napa County is primarily due to his design efforts. This bridge was built by contractor J.B. Newman for a cost of $1875. Newman was one of the primary masonry bridge contractors in Napa valley in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. For all intents and purposes, this bridge retains its original appearance." 
The Dollarhide Road Bridge over a tributary of Maxwell Creek was built in 1910. It's not a county bridge and it's a much smaller structure than the Hardin Road Bridge which may explain why it hasn't been registered as a historic place.
 The Dollarhide Road Bridge is only 12 ft long and 19 ft wide. It includes a step dam on the downstream side of the bridge.
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