Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Napa County, California Bridges: Foothill Blvd (SR28/129) Bridges in Calistoga

December 2013 (38.56636 Degrees, -122.56324 Degrees) Foothill Blvd. Bridges
I'm going to incorporate the remaining bridges on Foothill Blvd (SR28/129) in Napa County into a single blog. The Diamond Mountain Creek Bridge (21C0060) is a stone masonry arch that is 22 ft long but was widened to 44 ft with a box girder bridge on the east side in 1988. I took a photo of the widening and Craig Philpott has a nice photo of the transition from new to old on the Bridgehunter Website.

The Cyrus Creek Bridge (21 0027) is a 60 ft long single span CIP box girder superstructure that was built in 1993. The Blossom Creek Bridge (21 0068) was a stone arch that was built 1901 but was completely rehabilitated in 1993 covering the original arch bridge. I didn't photograph either of these bridges.

The last bridge on Foothill Blvd (before we entered Sonoma County) is another stone arch over Blossom Creek (shown below) that was built in 1905 but doesn't have a bridge number. We are at the north end of the town of Calistoga, which has geysers, hot springs, and other tourist attractions. We'll study a couple of other bridges in Calistoga tomorrow.

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