Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tokyo, Japan's Bridges: Kachidoki Bridge across the Sumida River (1)

June 2011 (35.662 Degrees, 139.775 Degrees) Kachidoki Bridge
Today we leave Sichuan, China for Tokyo, Japan and its many river crossings.

The Sumida River is a branch of the Arakawa that flows through Tokyo for 27 km before emptying into Tokyo Bay. Near the river's mouth is the Kachidoki Bridge, which was built in 1940 to commemorate a victory by Japan's Army. It's the only movable bridge across the Sumida, although it hasn't been opened in many years.

I've never been fond of two span arch bridges because of their uncanny resemblance to a pair of eyes. However I do like this bridge, perhaps because I own a woodblock print of it by the contemporary artist Motosugu Sugiyama who makes it look modern and exciting.
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