Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Australia's Bridges: Gladesville Bridge in New South Wales (1)

March 2011 (-33.840 deg., 151.147 deg.) Gladesville Bridge over the Parramatta River

Dear Reader. I'm sorry I was unable to provide a bridge photo for the last few of days, but I was unable to find an internet connection. I am now at a Starbucks in Brisbane and able once again to write my blog.

While I was in Sydney, I went on the 'Seven Bridges Walk.'  After crossing the ANZAC Cable-Stayed Bridge, I passed a couple of ordinary looking bridges until I came to the Parramatta River and the beautiful Gladesville Bridge. 

The Gladesville Bridge is 1000 ft long and 135 ft high at the top of the arch. We'll take another look at this handsome concrete deck arch tomorrow.
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