Monday, February 27, 2012

Sichuan China's Bridges: Shoujiang Bridge

 July 2008 (30.9800°N, 103.4605°E) Shoujiang Bridge

The Shoujiang Bridge is an eight-span, 280-m-long, T-girder bridge supported on very tall two-column towers and pier walls. The tallest piers were approximately 60 m high, the approach spans were 30 m long, and the four main spans were 40 m long. Both the towers and the pierwalls were supported on pile foundations. The north span almost fell off the north tower and was supported by a temporary steel tower. A Bailey bridge had been launched over the north span to carry the traffic. The north approach embankment showed evidence of ground failure, and there was a shear failure of the north abutment. It appeared that too much movement of this very tall structure pushed the girders of the first span into the approach and almost off the tower. It is unclear if the hazard was faulting, a landslide, or ground shaking. The most serious vulnerability was the short seat that could not accommodate the resulting movement at Bent 2.
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