Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sichuan, China's Bridges: Ming River Bridges in Ying Xiu Village

July 2008 (31.065 Degrees, 103.4902 Degrees) Ming River Bridges
Drove into Yinchiou Village, which was destroyed by the earthquake.  After lunch we walked to the Ming Jing River, where several bridges, a river levee, a tunnel, as well as many buildings were damaged due to ground shaking, landslides, and a surface rupture.  A viaduct on the east side of the river collapsed due to a surface rupture.  A tunnel going into the mountains east of the river also was damaged by the offset.  A levee on the west side of the river and several buildings were destroyed by the fault which was estimated to have a vertical offset of about 1.5 meters.  About 500 meters north of the fault, the Ying Xiu Ming Jiang Bridge, a T-girder bridge on two-column bents that are supported on pile shafts had some damage due to a landslide at the east span and so the Sichuan Province Government has built a Bailey Bridge over the east span to carry vehicles over the damage.  A steel suspension bridge another 500 yards north of this bridge appears undamaged by the earthquake. 
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