Saturday, September 3, 2011

India's Bridges: Bridge across the Rudramata River near Bhuj (1)

February 2001 (23.357 Degrees, 69.695 Degrees) Rudramata Bridge

This is a ten simple-span precast ‘I’ girder bridge on tall R.C. towers and ‘well’ foundations.  Each span is 55 feet long by 24 ft wide. The two girders sit on elastomeric pads and short pedestals.  The bridge was built in 1966.

The picture is out of focus because this bridge (near a dam and down the road from Pakistan) was guarded by a soldier who told us not to take photos. I held the camera at my side while I continued to snap the shutter. Maybe the picture is out of focus because I wasn't looking though the viewfinder or because I was shaking slightly from fear of being shot.

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  1. That really is going beyond the call of duty - surely photographing a bridge isn't worth that kind of risk!