Monday, May 30, 2011

California's Bridges: East Bay Bridges across San Francisco Bay (3)

June 2004 (37.818 deg., -122.344 deg.) East Bay Bridges

Another look at the construction of the new East Bay Bridge. In the photo above, we can see the piers on the eastbound side of the bridge being cast while the batter piles are being driven on the westbound side of the bridge. In this photo is a big derrick barge, maybe used to get the piles into position for driving. Also we can clearly see the sheet piling for the cofferdam that is keeping the area around the piles dry until the pile cap can be cast.

I should take my kayak out this summer and take some new photos of the skyway which is now completely built. Or maybe I can ask someone to take me on a tour. The completed bridge should be ready for traffic after the self anchored suspension span is completed at the end of 2013.
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