Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Movable Bridges - Brickell Avenue Bridge

The Intercoastal Waterway (a 3000 mile channel along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts) is a good place to find movable bridges. Its safer than traveling on the open ocean and so ships travel on it and movable bridges are needed for people wanting to get to the beach. These bridges seem to open and close more often than the other movable bridges we've been studying.

The Brickell Avenue Bridge actually crosses over the Miami River just before it empties into the Intercoastal Waterway in Miami Beach, Florida. The bridge is decorated with sculptures, sconces, and a pretty tender house. It's a bascule bridge built in 1995 that replaced a 64 year old structure. It was recently widened to three lanes in each direction but it still gets backed up with traffic during rush hour. The bridge has a higher vertical clearance and the river was dredged so it doesn't have to open quite so often.
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