Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Movable Bridges - Biloxi Bay Railroad Bridge

Continuing our travels westward, we come to the Biloxi Bay Railroad Bridge. New ties and rails were just placed on the deck when I took this photo and they are waiting for the ballast to be poured. This bridge must have been less damaged than most of bridges along the coast of Mississippi, if they just needed to replace the rail that got knocked off by Hurricane Katrina.

The swing span can be seen in the distance. It provides a clear span of 132 ft for ships to enter and leave Biloxi Back Bay. The bridge was built in 1978, perhaps replacing an earlier bridge. I've seen photos of a wooden trestle bridge with a steam locomotive crossing Biloxi Bay from 1901.

The Sunset Limited ran from Los Angeles to Orlando Florida until Hurricane Katrina took it out of service and it has never been fully restored.
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