Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vancouver's Bridges: Skytrain Bridge

Skytrain is a fully-automated elevated train system that runs through metropolitan Vancouver.

Continuing east along the Fraser River we come to the Skytrain Bridge. It has a 350 m (1115 ft) long main span, a total length of 616 m (2020 ft), the tower height is 117 m (384 ft), and it carries two pairs of light rail tracks. Like yesterday's Alex Fraser Bridge, it has a semi-fan arrangement of cables, but it has a very thin prestressed concrete superstructure, and reinforced concrete A-shaped towers.

The Alex Fraser Bridge has a 465 m span across the Fraser River and so the Skytrain Bridge with a 350 m span has both towers in the river. I guess it must have been cheaper to build a shorter span in the water than a longer span on dry land.

The bridge owner is Translink and the bridge was completed in 1990. You can see a train going over the bridge in the accompanying photo, but it looks like a toy next to the huge tower.
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