Sunday, August 4, 2013

Yolo County, California Bridges: Bridges across Putah Creek in Winters

July 2013 (38.5200 Degrees, -121.96778 Degrees) Putah Creek Bridges
A view of the two bridges across Putah Creek in Winters. Both bridges are over 100 years old. The truss bridge has been given a new life as a footbridge. However, the Winters Road Arch Bridge is going to torn down and replaced by a new bridge! According to an article in the Daily Republic they are going to build a temporary bridge, tear down the existing bridge, and then build a new bridge in its place. The county engineer, Matt Tuggle said that the scouring has removed the soil around the timber piles, making the existing bridge unsafe.

Considering the piers aren't even in the creek that statement makes little sense. However, I guess it's possible that during the winter the creek becomes much wider. Also, since the bridge is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places they aren't allowed to remove it without a thorough environmental review.
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