Friday, June 1, 2012

Tokyo, Japan's Bridges: Arakawa Estuary Bridges (1)

March 2012 (35.647 Degrees, 139.845 Degrees) Arakawa Estuary Bridges
We've finally arrived at the mouth of the Arakawa where a bunch of bridges are all squeezed together. It's odd how often river crossings come in groups. It must be that the narrow right-of-way through densely populated cities force all the bridges to cluster together.
In the picture above, three photos of the Arakawa Estuary are stitched together by Adobe Photoshop. You can see (from the left) the Shuto Expressway, a tall ferris wheel, an incinerator, and a half dozen bridges crossing the river. We'll take a closer look (from up on the Arakawa Truss Bridge) tomorrow.
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