Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cable-Stayed Bridges - Flößerbrücke

This eccentrically-supported, single-tower, cable-stayed bridge is across the Main River in Frankfurt Germany. It's name means raft (or pontoon) because it replaced a floating bridge that was built in the 1960s. The current bridge, designed by the architect Egon Jux, was not to everyone's taste and it remains the only reinforced concrete cable-stayed bridge in Frankfurt.

The two pylons, each lifting a single cable on a saddle, supports the superstructure at midspan. The tower does not continue below the deck (similar to the Millau Viaduct) and the prestressed box girder superstructure is supported by bearings and a pier wall.

The bridge is 725 ft long with a main span of 350 ft.  The tower is 70 ft high and the deck has a variable width between 70 to 114 ft. More information about this bridge (in German) is available from Wikipedia.
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