Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Movable Bridges - Knights Landing Bridge (1)

North of Sacramento are several interesting movable bridges across the Sacramento River.

The Knights Landing Bridge is the first double leaf bascule bridge across the river that isn't a through truss. I'm actually not sure what kind of structure it is. Are those pony girders with rectangular openings or is it some kind of Vierendeel truss?

I'm also not sure what kind of bascule bridge it is. Is it a double leaf simple trunnion bridge or is it a Scherzer rolling lift double leaf bascule bridge? I vote for the latter since the bridge is high up with counterweights that can pivot into the concrete boxes at the far ends.

The bridge carries State Route 113 over the Sacramento River in the town named after Dr. William Knight, a physician who founded the town of Knights Landing on an ancient Native American mound in 1842.

We'll take another look at this unusual bridge tomorrow.
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