Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Great Britain: Poplar Station Walkway

In this photo I'm standing at the north end of Canary Wharf looking toward the ancient hamlet of Poplar. The steeple of the early 19th century All Saints Poplar church can be seen in the background.

This bridge reminds me of one of The Happy Pontist's 'copycat coils.' It's a high level walkway to a light rail station over a highway.  There are a variety of elements (white staircases, a grey tower with cable-stays, a greenish tube) that don't seem to be very happy together.

Note the ornate ramp and bridge (in shadow) on the left side of the photo and the neo-Georgean buildings. This mixture of styles (similar to the different elements on the bridge) are hard on the eyes. Perhaps the walkway will get along better with it's neighbors over time, but its hard for me to imaging it being around that long.
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