Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Peru's Bridges: Puente Quinones and Puente Consuelo (1)

After spending a week looking at older bridges, we'll look at a few newer bridges before leaving Arequipa.

Puente Quinones and Puente Consuelo are a  pair of bridges that connect Abelardo Quinones to Consuelo Streets across the Rio Chili with ramps on and off La Marina Blvd.

The bridges were being completed when I took this photo. It's interesting how highly contoured the soffit is on these bridges. In this photo (looking south at La Marina Blvd) instead of a typical column flare, the soffit dips to take the shape of the column. The bridges remind me of sculptures by Naum Gabo. Just another sign of Arequipa's affinity for all things modern.

I'm surprised by the low vertical clearance of these bridges. I would imagine they would be hit by trucks carrying equipment, unless the city has an effective way of screening traffic onto La Marina Blvd.

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