Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ecuador's Bridges: Puente Rio Cupa (2)

The Rio Cupa bridge gets a surprising number of visitors in the course of a day. The heavy traffic explains why they first tried to build a vehicular bridge at this site.

The towers are 9.2 meters high and the deck is 1.3 meters wide. I'm standing at the west anchorage.  It's 23.9 meters to the west tower, 85.1 meters to the east tower, and 19.8 meters to the east anchorage. The east anchorage is 2 meters higher than the west anchorage.

The site was surveyed and a preliminary design was proposed by Walter in July of 2004. The design was checked by Toni Ruttimann and the bridge was built by Walter and the community of 5 de Agosto, Union Manabi later that year.
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  1. alejandro calderonApril 23, 2010 at 2:49 PM

    the most wonderful, awesome its to know how they are build and i dont mean physically. all the heart of tony and walter in them.

    to know the history of them is marvelous.

    once again congratulation to show the world this kind of bridges. personaly i think are the most valuable bridges in the world.