Friday, November 13, 2009

Mexico's Bridges: Nuevo Puente Armeria (2)

Another view of the New Armeria Bridge. Maybe bridge owners should avoid calling their bridges 'new,' since they so rapidly become old. However, this bridge appears to still be in pretty good shape.

I see some cables near the bottom flange. Perhaps it was strengthened with prestressed tendons to carry heavier trucks. This was popular in California twenty years ago as a way to allow permit vehicles onto more roads. However, it may have been wiser to keep heavy vehicles off most roads since they tear up the pavement so quickly.

I also see some cables hanging from the barrier rail, but those look like electrical wiring, maybe to power a nearby ranch.

The wingwalls stick straight out from the sides of the stemwall because the bridge is in a small canyon that was carved by the river. There are concrete corbels under the steel girders. Perhaps they are used as jacking platforms for the girders in case the bearings need to be replaced.

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