Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Osaka Bay Bridges: Shorenji-Gawa Bridge

We left Osaka Bay a few days ago but I want to return to look at an interesting bridge.

The Shorenji-Gawa Bridge (north of the Tempozan Bridge) in Osaka is a three span continuous steel girder bridge on the Wangan Expressway.

It's unusual for a steel girder bridge because it's really long, with a 235 m (772 ft) center span. Steel girder bridges with spans greater than 200 m (650 ft) are extremely rare because they are so deep that the dead load becomes a problem. This bridge required a lot of analysis and many tests to ensure that it could resist the wind and buckling.
The bridge superstructure was constructed in three sections, carried to the mouth of the Shorenji River, and lifted onto the piers with two floating cranes.
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